Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians 

Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity

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Irish History Contest


Junior Membership is available for young ladies ages 6 to 18, who are practicing Roman Catholic and of Irish descent. 

In Memoriam

Our Sisters who have been called home to God in the past year. 


Degree Teams

The Degrees of our Order are an essential part of being a member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc. Each member, when receiving the Degrees, is shown the grand history of the Irish people and Catholic Faith, the importance of women in that history, and is sworn to a solemn obligation that is taken as Degreed members.

National History Day


Lady Hibernian Herald

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Lady Hibernian Herald

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125 Years of LAOH History Commemoration Book

LAOH National Board

President- Karen Keane

Vice President- Marilyn Madigan

Secretary- Mary Ann Lubinsky

Treasurer- Sandi Swift

Historian- Mary T. Leathem

Missions & Charities- Cathy Turck

Catholic Action- Margaret “Peggy” Cornish

Organizer/Immediate Past President- Carol Sheyer

Freedom For All Ireland- Dolores Desch

Fundraiser- Maire Kilbane Leffel

Political Education- Gail Dapolito

Press and Publicity- Kim DePeaux

Immigration and Education- Siobhan Dennehy

Supplies- Mary Jo Rawlins

Veterans & Military Affairs- Cathie Norton Doherty

Webmaster- Brianna Curran

Auditor- Christina Parisi

National Chaplain- Father Ryan Duns, SJ

Press Relations- Beth Zuczek

Tax Expert- Kathryn Keane

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If you have questions on joining a division select the “State Contacts”  to find a division in your area.

Brianna M. Curran