2018 National Constitution-8.5 x 11 paper size

National Ritual last revised 2016  8.5 x 11 paper size

2018 National Constitution-5 x 8 paper size

National Ritual last revised 2016 5 x 8 paper size

PLEASE note: when printing off the 5 x 8 size you must set your printer to print on the 5 x 8 paper size. You will need to “check” the box on the print command page that ask you to “choose paper source .pdf page size.) This check in the box will tell the printer to print in the 5 x 8 file format.

IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE please contact the webmaster. If no one in your division knows how to download a file and print, or download and safe to a thumb drive to deliver to a printer (ex: Office Depot, Staples, etc.,) or email to your printer, send the webmaster the contact information for your printer and she will send them the .pdf file in the format that you request.

Adult Scrapbook Guidelines

Adult Scrapbook-Rubric

Arrears Notice

Transfer Notice

Application for Membership*

*The Application needs to be downloaded and a copy saved prior to printing the Application in Landscape format