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About Us

The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Inc. is a 501c(3) sororal organization of American- Irish Catholic women.  We have a 127 year history of service in the United States  and provide support in Ireland and the North of Ireland.  We are currently involved in all forms of social justice.  Please feel free to review all our areas of interest.

While practicing Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity, we will work to strengthen our Roman Catholic Faith, our Country, and our Communities; and perpetuate the religion, history, culture and traditions of our Irish heritage.

Our Four Major Principals:

2. To foster and sustain loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church and foster and sustain loyalty to the United States of America among its members.
3. To aid and advance by all legitimate means the aspiration and endeavors of the Irish people for complete and absolute independence.
4. To foster the ideals and perpetuate the history and traditions of the Irish people and to promote Irish culture.

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Karen Keane- Organizer/ Immediate Past President

Email: natlorganizerlaoh@gmail.com