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Congratulations to the 2022 National Board

Congratulations to the following Officers and Appointees. Please note that all positions are in transition, which is taking a little longer due to COVID and not being able to meet in person with the previous officer.

The Website will be updated and is a work in progress.

President – Karen Keane, New York

Vice President – Marilyn Madigan Ohio

Secretary – Mary Ann Lubinsky, Pennsylvania

Treasurer – Sandi Riley Swift, Missouri

Irish Historian – Colleen Bowers Pennsylvania

Missions and Charities – Cathy Turck, New York

Catholic Action, Margaret “Peggy” Cornish, California

Organizer/Immediate Past President – Carol Sheyer, Ohio

Press and Public Relations – Kim Depeaux, New York

Freedom for All Ireland – Dolores Desch, New York

Fundraiser – Maire Leffel, Ohio

Immigration Education – Siobhan Dennehy, New York

Supplies – Mary Jo Rawlins, Ohio

Auditor – Christina Parisi, New York

2022 Convention Liason – Kathy Linton

Veterans & Military Affairs – Cathie Norton Doherty, New York

Political Education – Gail Dapoliti, Maryland

Legal Counsel – Ann Durkin Fisher, Maryland

Tax Expert/Co Chair Immigration – Kathryn Keane, New Yrok

Webmaster & Social Media – Beth Zuczek

Relatives for Justice video

Following the great response to Mark Thompson’s video on behalf of Relatives for Justice , the AOH FFAI is trying to bring you videos about the work done by other groups your Christmas Appeal donations support.

Their first interview was with Bik McFarlane and Joe Austin representing Belfast National Graves. 

In addition to explaining the work of Belfast National Graves, and the vital importance of contributions from America and the AOH to Irish patriot graves, these two prominent Irish Republicans give moving insights into:

1- the 1981 Hunger Strike and why  Republicans resisted torture and died rather than wear a British  criminal uniform
2-how Republican prisoners locked away inside H-Block cells overcame the British propaganda machine to  defeat Thatcher’s strategy
3-the battle for legacy truth and what the British are trying to hide in their latest legacy proposals.
4-the policy of censorship by visa denial where our government blocks them from coming to the US at Britain’s behest.

Here is a link to the video: Belfast National Graves

Irish History Writing Contest Winners 2019-2020

Congratulations to the following States on having winners in our Irish History Writing Contest “History of the LAOH in the USA (honoring the 125th Anniversary.”)

Letters, certificates and checks have been mailed.

Level 1

1st: D Clark, Massachusett

2nd: M Wade, Pennsylvania

3rd: N Merritt, Connecticut

Honorable Mention: N Rivers, Connecticut

Honorable Mention: K Regan, Connecticut

Level 2

1st: L Nguyen, Massachusett

2nd: J Fields, South Carolina

3rd: G Ramirez, California

Honorable Mention: Tripp Currier, South Carolina

Honorable Mention: B Termine, South Carolina