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Martin McGuinness, Dies at age 66

Martin McGuinness, a former Irish Republican Army commander and Sinn Fein political leader who helped negotiate peace in Northern Ireland after decades of sectarian violence, and became a senior official in its power-sharing government, died on Tuesday in Derry. He was 66.  May he rest in peace.

Martin McGuinness
Martin McGuinness

Introduction Letters from National Officers

I have added links to the introduction letters from the 2016-2018 National Officers. Their letters can be viewed on their Officer’s Page.

Patricia O’Connell, President July Message from President O’Connell

Carol Sheyer, Vice President Message from Vice President Sheyer

Karen Keane, Secretary Letter from Secretary Keane

Marilyn Madigan, Treasurer Introduction letter Treasurer Madigan

Dee Wallace, Historian Intro letter from National Historian Wallace

Mary Ann Lubinsky, Missions & Charities, Introduction letter from Missions & Charities Lubinsky

Colleen Bowers, Catholic Action Introduction letter from Catholic Action Bowers