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Broome County Juniors

Broome County Juniors

Installation of the first Broome County LAOH Junior Officers on June 12, 2016. Pictured are Junior members with Deborah Burke, Vice-President of Broome County LAOH (left,) Suzanne Messina, President of the Broome County LAOH Board (far right,) and Maureen Kadleick, President of LAOH Division #1 (right rear.)

Allegheny County Division 23 Jr’s celebrated their ‘Post It Forward’ program with their float in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
Their float represented a duplication of their painting and post it forward notes.
Allegheny Co Jrs Div 23

Allegheny Co Jrs Div 23



Allegheny Co Jrs Div 23 -2

Allegheny Co Jrs Div 23 -2


Sister Flo is one heck of a nun with a hammer. She has been with the girls for a very long time. She is a member of the LAOH Div 23.

2015 News


The Allegheny County Juniors, Div. 23, Pennsylvania wil be holding a fundraiser called “Post It Forward.”

Allegheny Co Jr Div 23 Pennsylvania 2

Jrs Div 23 (2) Jrs Div 23 Allegheny Co Jurs Post It Forward Allegheny Co. Jrs. Div 23, Pennsylvania 1

Pay It Forward


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