Press & Publicity

Kim DePeaux, Press and Publicity

Press and Publicity Introductory Letter

Hibernian Digest Order Form

All photos submitted must be CAMERA ready.  Use a camera to take pictures, not cell phones, and to set the cameras on “FINE” and “LARGE.” If your camera does not have such settings, your division, county or state president should appoint someone who has an adjustable camera to do the publicity. Pictures will be rejected for the Digest if they are not at least 1 megabyte or larger.

Submit one attached word document per article. If attaching a photo, please attach it separately along with another word document for the tag line on the photo.

If you email articles please note “Digest” in the subject line.

We are limited on the number of articles and photos we can submit and have no say in what does or does not make the issue.

The deadlines have changed: The deadlines are now:

The 1ST of every EVEN month; February, April, June, August, October, December.

Please submit articles as follows:

Article: text in a Word format, Times New Roman 12 pt font.

Photos:  are to be sent separate and must be 1 MB or larger.

Tag line for photo:  should be send as a separate word document.

All submissions must be sent as attachments; not typed inside the email.

Please limit Division news submissions to 375 words or less. This will help us get more articles published.

We have been requested to enforce the deadlines.