Division Contacts


State Board, www.laohca.com

State President, Peggy Cornish


 State President, Sheila Thunboe

LAOH Denver Division 1, President Sheila McGinley Thunboe  https://www.denverlaoh.org/ 


State Website: ctlaoh.weebly.com

State President, Kathleen Hannigan

Bridgeport Div #6, Rosemary Boone, President

Danbury Div #58,  Julie Tracy President

Hartford Div #75, Patricia Merrick, President

Meriden Div #15 Doreen Roddy, President

Naugatuck Div #1 Mary Ann Sigworth, President

New Britain Div #74 –  Catherine Chute, President

Stamford Div #59 – Sheila Egan, President

Waterbury Div #66 Peggy O’Brien, President


Wilmington-St. Brigid Division #1, www.laohdelaware.weebly.com                                                             Stella Carrigan, State President


Ann Fisher, State President       http://dclaoh.org


Louise Sullivan,  State President


State President Estelle Duncan   Website:   laohgeorgia.org

Richmond 1 (Augusta, GA) April Fry, President   Website:   laohaugusta.org

Chatham 1 (Savannah, GA) President: Mary Grundy


State President, Joy Bode

Cook County Division #1- Donna Howe

Madison County Division #1- Carol Manning

Peoria County Division #1-Kathy Pabon

St. Clair County Division #1-Joy Bode

Tazewell County Division #1-Sue Sepich


State President, Joan Fitzgerald Gutzwiller

Indianapolis, Our Lady of Knock, Division #1 www.laohindy.org   President Joan Fitzgerald Gutzwiller


State Board, Maureen Zalla

Mother Catherine McAulley, Division #2,                             Webpage: laohlouisville.com  Facebook

Northern Kentucky, Our Lady of Knock, Terri Durkin


 State President, Elizabeth Rafferty


State Board, www.marylandlaoh.org

          State President Kathleen Norris

        Anne Arundel Division 1, Annapolis, Jane Bannon


State President, Joyce Burgess


State Board www.laohmich.org

State President, Barbara Weir

Webmaster, Brigid Lenaghan Taylor


State Board, Susan Harvieux


State President, JoAnn Curry

Daughters of Erin, Kansas City, President Debbie Cullinan 

Padraig  Pearse, Kansas City, President Jo Ann Curry

John F. Kennedy Division #3, St. Louis, www.laohjfkd3.org   President Cathy White

Oliver Plunkett, St. Louis, President Laura Zamborsky

St. Patricks, St. Charles, President Mary Ferris


State President, Colleen Galvin Holzheimer


Mother McAuley Division, President Catie McCarthy Niederee  www.laohomaha.com


State President, Anne H. Nichols

Seacoast Division, Dover www.nhseacoastlaoh.angelfire.com


State Board, President Jennifer Goodman 

Cape May County, Division #1,  President Judy McLaughlin

Mercer Co., Division #6, Kate McGrath, President

          Mercer Co., Division #10, Jacoba Kenna, President

Monmouth Co., Division #4, Mary Ellen O’Halloran, President


State Board, www.laohnys.com

State President MaryBeth Durkee

Albany County, JFK Div #1 Albany, New York laohalbany.org  President Kathleen Stevens

Bayside, Queens NY Div. #13    Margaret E. Redling, President

Broome County, Binghamton, New York

County President Deborah Burke

LAOH Div I,  President, Maureen Kadlecik

LAOH Div II, President Deborah Burke

Green County, Div #32 Patricia Kiernan Cullie, President

Nassau County, www.nassaulaoh.com

Orange County,  County President, Therese (Terry) Meyer

Division 1-3 President: Patricia McAteer

Division 2 President: Margaret Brennan-Flynn 

Division 4 President: Ann Michel

Division 5 President: Elizabeth Lynch

Division 6 President: Sharon Lilley

Richmond County, President Catherine O’Brien 

Division 1 President Joan Hughes

Division 3 President Eileen Hayes 

Division 4 President Margaret Del Bagno

          Schenectady County, President Kim DePeaux

        Steuben County, Daughters of Erin Chapter #1 Hornell, President Kathryn McAneney

Suffolk County, www.laohsuffolkcounty.webs.com

Syracuse County

Elmira, John J. Lee Division, www.freewebs.com/elmiralaoh/

Rochester, Monroe County, www.ggw.org/~aoh/laoh/index.html

E. Islip, Suffolk County, www.aohdiv7.org/laoh.htm 

          Westchester County, County President, Kathleen Casey 

          Westchester County, Tarrytown, Division 11 – Alice Koraca, President
          Westchester County, Mt. Kisco, Division 16 – Ann Haugh, President
          Westchester County, Peekskill, Division 18 – Mary Cronin, President
          Westchester County, Yonkers, Division 19 – Noreen Ryan, President

Whitestone, Division #15, www.angelfire.com/ny2/aohqueens/laohdiv15.html

The Rockaways, Breezy Point, Division #25, www.qclaohdiv25.org

President Bridget Rush, President@qclaohdiv25.org


State President, Bernadette Brady Callaghan

State Board, www.laohnc.weebly.com

Mecklenburg Co., Huntersville Division #2, www.laohncdiv2.webs.com


State Board, www.ohiolaoh.org

State President, Theresa Cory

Cuyahoga- Our Lady of the Rosary President Corrine Lynch

          Franklin-Countess de Markiewicz President Katie Somers

          Jefferson-Mary Immaculate President Lauren Yanda

          Lucas-Mother McAuley President Ann Dollman

          Mahoning-Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland                                                                                     President Shannon Lehn 

          Medina-Irish Missionaries President JoAnn Shire 

           Montgomery-Mary of the Gael President Betty White

          Summit 1-Margaret Judge President Marie Rizzo 

            Summit 2-Annie Moore President Cindee Case


State Board www.statepalaoh.com

State President, Rae DiSpaldo,

State Organizer, Ellen McCrane

Allegheny County Board, www.laohalleghenycounty.org/

Allegheny County, Turtle Creek Division #7, www.laohdivision7.org

Allegheny County, Pittsburgh Division #11, www.laohdiv11.org

Allegheny Co., Division #23  www.aohdiv23.org

Allegheny County, Maud Gonne Division #32Patti Flaus President

          Bucks Co, Division #1 http://www.bristolaoh.org/laoh                                          President Patricia Delaney

         Chester County, West Chester Division #1, www.cclaoh.com

Cumberland Division 1, President Johanne Slattery

Delaware County, Trinity Division #4, http://laohtrinity4.tripod.com

Lehigh County Division #1 Tír na nÓg,  http://www.laoh1lehighvalley.org/

Monroe County, St. Brigid Division #1 www.ladiesaohmonroecountypa.blogspot.com

Montgomery County, Máire Drumm Division #3  Shawn Marie Brown, President


Philadelphia County, Brigid McCrory, Division #25, www.laohdiv25.org

Philadelphia County, Division #39

Philadelphia County, Port Richmond, Our Lady of Knock Division #87,www.laoh87.tripod.com/index.htm

St. Katherine Drexel, Division #61, 4131 Rhawn St., Philadelphia, PA 19136

President, Rebecca Puchalski

Schuylkill County, Pottsville, John F. Kennedy, Division #2, www.laohjfk2.com

Schuylkill County, Girardville, Daughters of Erin Division #18 www.girardvillelaoh.webs.com


State President Mary Moniz



State Board, www.laohsouthcarolina.com                                    Barbara Smith President 

Charleston, Our Lady of Knock, President, Theresa Gordon

Myrtle Beach, St. Brigid, President, Maureen McEvoy-Cahill 

Bluffton, St. Ciara’s, President Barbara Smith


Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland, Division One , Travis County        Amanda Bacque, President


State Board, www.valaoh.com                                                             Facebook Page: Virginia Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians         State President, Kathy Sullivan                                     

Mary Ryan Division of Henrico County, VA

          Annie McEntee, President

Facebook Page: LAOH Mary Ryan Division of Richmond Virginia           Sharon Drennan, President

Lt. Col John A. Dowd LAOH Division                                    Woodbridge, VA  www.dowdlaoh.com                                                   Kathy Gurchiek, President

Fr. Mychal Judge Division, Triangle, VA                                                 Mary Kay Jones, President

          Daughters of Erin, Division 1, Loudown Co, VA                                                  Margaret McCarthy, President


State President, KathyShields