2016 Spirit of St. Brigid Project

On July 11, 2016, the LAOH spend a few hours at Atlantic City Catholic Charities. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you to all of the ladies (and one gentleman) who participated! If I forgot anyone, please let me know!
Those pictured in no special order: Melissa Hruska, Atlantic City Catholic Charities; Claire Hulton, NY; Lori Forbes, VA; Mary Conlon, SC; Clare McManus-Fulginitti, PA; Catherine Murphy and two others from NJ; Kathleen Savage, MA; Rose Coulson, NY; JoAnn Gundersen, NY; Sandi Swift, MO; Beth Lynch, MA; Chris O’Reilly, NY; Ruth Cruse, IL; Mary Seider, NY; Leah Darcy, NY; Kim DePeaux, NY; Jean Brahm, NY; Sister Carol Rohloff, CSJ, NY; Ellen Barr, MA; Kathleen Rafuse, MA; Lynn Wylie, NY; Maire Manning, OH; JoAnn Shire, OH; Victoria Ring, NY; Maureen McEvoy, NC; Julia O’Dwyer, KY; Elissa O’Reilly, NY; Gail Dapolito, MD; I think there were others who did not give me their names, and yours truly. It was a perfect way to end my term as National Catholic Action Officer!